AFFIA – The Asian Food and Feed Insect Association

“The Asian Food and Feed Insects Association – AFFIA – is a voluntary group of companies, institutions and natural persons which promotes and supports activities that relate to the use of insects as food and as feed.”

Work together on access to markets, at local regional and international levels, especially EU and US markets

Define regulatory requirements at National and ASEAN levels for insects products and work in collaboration with the related authorities (national, regional, international


Promote the consumption of insects

Work in sub-groups under two main sectors called “Food” and “Feed”. Food includes insects’ species having most of their applications as human food (e.g. pet food [crickets]). Feed includes insects’ species having most of their applications as animal feed (e.g. waste management).

Work together on transboundary issues to define shared positions (e.g. halal status)

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To the Insects as Food and Feed Stakeholders in South-East Asia, welcome!


Let’s define how we could work together through your possible entry in the AFFIA!
There are three membership’s types. The membership eligibility and type is attributed by the AFFIA following application

Summary of the memberships:

1. Full Member: You are registered and located in an ASEAN country as a company or Research Institution.
2. Associate Member: You match the above criteria but you are in ASIA, not ASEAN.
3. Honorary Member: We will contact you.
If you think you are eligible based on the points above, we will be happy to receive your application form at, which you can find below:

Apply as a natural person


Apply as a legal person


We are happy to collaborate with our supporters!


The AFFIA is currently hosted at AETS Thailand Your contact there is Nathan Preteseille, will ensure a reply to your message in maximum 7 days unless other information is provided.

We welcome any suggestion, comment or idea, as far as they are AFFIA related!

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