“The Asian Food and Feed Insect Association- AFFIA- aims at bringing industry and research stakeholders from the insects’ sector in a collaborative movement towards the development of entomoculture, entomophagy and their related activities.”

Work together on access to markets, at local regional and international levels, especially EU and US markets


Promote the consumption of insects

Define regulatory requirements at National and ASEAN levels for insects products and work in collaboration with the related authorities (national, regional, international)

Work in sub-groups under two main sectors called “Food” and “Feed”. Food includes insects’ species having most of their applications as human food (e.g. pet food [crickets]). Feed includes insects’ species having most of their applications as animal feed (e.g. waste management).

Work together on transboundary issues to define shared positions (e.g. halal status)

Welcome to all Insect as Food and Feed Stakeholders in Asia and beyond!

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Hermetia Illucens - Black Soldier Fly - photo by Anne Deguerrey
Cambodian honey cricket gryllus bimaculatus - photo Angka Changri


The AFFIA team is made up from members all around the ASEAN region, with our coordination located in Bangkok, Thailand.

Drop us an email and we will be happy to provide you with all necessary elements to join the team and/or arrange a call/meeting!