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AFFIA serves as a regional hub for stakeholders to share knowledge, promote the benefits of entomophagy, clarify regulations and more.
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The Asian Food and Feed Insect Association is a non-profit organisation representing the interest of its members from the industry and the academia working with insects as food and feed in Asia.


Established in 2016, AFFIA and its members believe that for the global food chain to be sustainable, ethical and efficient, it needs to integrate insects as a source of nutrients for human food and animal feed.

With this shared passion, AFFIA aims to promote entomoculture and entomophagy both regionally and internationally, support national initiatives and solve challenges, as well as represent Asia in the global insect industry.

AFFIA works closely with the Australian IPAA, the European IPIFF and the American NACIA on issues affecting the insect industry as a whole.


Strengthen the Industry

The insect industry will “come of age” in the coming decade, but to succeed, players must collaborate, share knowledge, promote the benefits of entomophagy and clarify regulations. AFFIA serves as a regional hub for insect producers to strengthen the industry through these activities and more.

Develop Good Practices

Asian cultures have been using insects in their food chain for millennia, but for international trust to be placed in Asian insect producers, good practices must be developed. AFFIA does so while collaborating with relevant Government agencies to ensure frictionless implementation of future regulations.

Guide the Industry

AFFIA works in a very multicultural region with as many regula tory frameworks as countries. AFFIA serves Asian insect interests by initiating or facilitating research and development activities, guiding the industry forward in a sustainable, proactive and responsible manner.

AFFIA Executive Committee 2023-2024

Upcoming Events

Events are an opportunity for AFFIA members to meet, discuss, explore and advance the industry together. They are a physical or virtual hub for learning, collaboration and interaction.

We welcome anybody who has something to share, as well as those just wishing to spectate, absorb and immerse themselves in one of the world’s most exciting burgeoning industries.

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Horti Asia 2024 & Agritechnica Asia 2024

Horti Asia 2024 in co-location with Agritechnica Asia 2024 taking place at EH98-99, BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand from May 22nd to 24th, 2024. This international trade show is dedicated to showcasing the latest advancements in horticultural and floricultural production and processing technology.  

Insects to Feed the World 2024

We are delighted to announce that Insects to Feed the World 2024 will be held in Singapore on June 19-22nd 2024! 

The event will be onsite with a virtual option and will include a range of features including lab-crawls, insect farm tours, workshops, poster sessions and ample opportunities for networking. 

Please note the following important dates early bird registration deadlines : Early Bird Registration Opens: 1 August 2023 Early Bird Registration Closes: 7 April 2024

Taiwan Smart Agriweek & International Aquaculture & Fisheries Expo

This Asia-exclusive and Taiwan’s largest international B-2-B platform spans all agriculture sectors with a focus on smart technology and sustainability. The event encompasses five major themes—AgriTech, AgriLivestock, AgriFresh, AgriGreen and Int’l Aquaculutre and Fisheries Expo Taiwan.

Specifically tailored for AFFIA’s members, here is a detailed introduction to The International Livestock & Feed Tech Expo Taiwan  is a pivotal showcase for the livestock and poultry industry in Taiwan and ASEAN. 



This year, the exhibition with the theme of “Agriculture Innovates Future,” injecting richer elements to propel the exhibition to new heights and inspire the agriculture and related sectors to explore new territories and surpass limits.

Agri Malaysia, the Malaysia International Agriculture Technology Exhibition, is the most authoritative agricultural technology exhibition in Malaysia. The exhibition has obtained certification and support from major government departments, institutions and agricultural organizations. It has also been honoured with the certification of the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) .

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You are welcome to participate in or even spectae AFFIA activities.

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Our Members

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AFFIA membership is open to companies and organizations in the insect for food and feed Industries, as well as academics and research organizations, consulting companies, or simply individuals. AFFIA takes pride in the diversity of its members and encourages as many people to contribute as possible.

Members will have access to up-to-date information on industry progress, related regional and global regulations, good practice developments, referral databases and collaboration opportunities.

AFFIA offers three types of memberships:


Global atlas of edible insects launched

Edible insects, with their low environmental footprint, high food conversion ratio, rapid growth and nutritional values, can play a vital role in the global food system.

World’s emerging insect production powerhouse

Research on Black Soldier Fly’s Potential in Feed Markets in Collaboration with AFFIA, FAO and Kasetsart University. Study Shows Opportunity for Insect-Based Feeds to Replace Imported Protein Ingredients in Asia’s Growing Feed Production Sector

Beta Buzz #4

Content on the Black Soldier Fly farming sector, featuring offerings from equipment suppliers and service providers so that you can get your insect farm up and running.

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