They joined an AFFIA Study Tour- their feedbacks!

August 2018 BugMo “Thank you for arranging a wonderful tour today!”
May-June 2018 Cricket Migrateur “Encore merci pour l’organisation exceptionnelle de ces visites, c’était vraiment instructif et le documentaire promet d’avoir du contenu très intéressant !”
February 2018 Bill Schindler “I have to tell you how incredibly impressed I have been with the entire process of working with you and your organization”
August 2017 Reuben Froude “I had a great experience yesterday and found our conversation very insightful. Thank you again for your time.”
May 2017 Haley Russel “Thank you again for all of your help in sharing out the current status and lessons learned from the edible insect industry in Thailand.  I’m very enthusiastic to keep following it, and looking forward to keeping in touch with you and Michi.”