International Platform for Insects as Food and Feed- IPIFF


“The International Platform of Insects for Food & Feed (IPIFF) warmly welcomes the recent initiative to create an ‘Association of Insects as Food and Feed actors in South-East Asia’. We understand that this decision was to be formalized during a meeting which took place on 23 August 2016 in Bangkok.
IPIFF represents the interests of the insect sector across Europe and worldwide. Recognized as official interlocutor towards the European Institutions, IPIFF also favours the establishment of new collaborations & networks among insect producing actors at international scale. Against this background, IPIFF supports the creation of this new association, which we hope will become a new IPIFF partner for South East Asia region. The emergence of this new actor will undoubtedly contribute to increase the visibility of the insect sector and its ‘power of influence’ towards relevant stakeholders worldwide.”


Woven Network CIC- United Kingdom


Woven Network is set up to directly benefit, through a set of membership services, entrepreneurs and researchers working in the role of insects in the human food chain. Indirectly, through supporting its members, the company will also benefit the wider public across the Globe that need sustainable, alternative sources of protein. The association aims to create a voice on behalf of the ‘insects for food and feed’ UK community to speak to the public, UK Government, UK Govt agencies and EU bodies. It also works on demonstrating the scale of the emerging sector and enable collective action to reflect this.

This organisation has officially linked with AFFIA. Woven Network shares information, and, whenever possible, collaborates with us at the development of the insect market.

Woven Network

Journal of Insects as Food and Feed- JIFF


“Federation Française des Producteurs, Importateurs et Distributeurs d’Insectes”- FFPIDI

We, the French “Federation Française des Producteurs, Importateurs et Distributeurs d’Insectes”-
FFPIDI, hereby recognized the ASEAN Food and Feed Insect Association- AFFIA , as privileged partner
in Thaïland and the whole ASEAN are, a for collaboration on any topic related to Insects as Food and